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Bogátalji Mozgalom Csíkrákos és Göröcsfalva Egyesület

Participation: The project involved 403 citizens, notably 225 participants from the city of Racu (Romania),  43 participants from the city of Boda (Hungary), 35 participants from the city of Jaszladany (Hungary), 35 participants from the city of Patentti- ja rekisterihallitus (Finland), 29 participants from the city of Brestovec  (Slovakia), 36 participants from the city of Oromhegyes (Serbia)
Location/ Dates: The event took place in Racu, Romania from  06/09/2018 to 10/09/2018

 Short description: 
The first day of the event, 07.09.2018 was targeted the Euroscepticism and the migratory pressures in general. In specific, partners had discussion about the fallowing themes:

Under presentation of Bogatalji Mozgalom Association, the opening event was designed to the economic difficulties in the EU and the rise of Eurosceptic parties in Europe. During this section partners highlighted the importance of social enterprises and their long term impact on the EU s economy.

Also discussions about the need to build a common identity, the need to increase inclusion in Europe, and the need to include people in the decision –making process were held.

After this section partners from Hungary presented the point of view of Hungary about the migratory pressures and pressures from the EC on immigration quotas. The section was moderated by partners from Boda and Jaszladany, partners from Hungary, affected directly by the migration crisis in Hungary in 2016. After that, Oromhegyes from Serbia presented some key aspects about the future of the EU, especially from their point of view to join the Eum in line with the decision of the European Council in June 2013 to open accession negotiations with Serbia, when the Council adopted in December 2013 the negotiating framework and agreed to hold the 1st Intergovernmental Conference with Serbia in January 2014.

The first day ended with a debate about the role of civil society in achieving long term and sustainable solidarity all over Europe, best practices of inclusion and involving people in the decision making process. The debate was moderated by Brestovec, a small city what has a relative good local budget, more active NGO’s and a few social enterprises, partner 5 highlighting the importance of collaboration between all categories of local actors.

 The second day of the event, 08.09.2018 was dedicated for two main themes, citizen participation in the political life of the EU and solidarity in the EU. Moderated by partners from Rieska Leader  - FI  and Bogataljo Mozgalom Association – RO, partners concluded the following main solutions related to citizens participation:

• Local public authorities has to take act in organizing more community development actions, which role is to promote bottom up approaches.

• At local level every partner should make a so called Local Support Group, formed from decision makers at local level, which has the role to communicate between citizens and public authorities.

About solidarity in the EU, the main conclusions were:

• Promoting volunteering - in this sense The European Solidarity Corps was presented by partners from Jaszladany which provides volunteering placements, traineeships and jobs for 2-12 months, fostering solidarity in communities across Europe.

• As an interesting approach for partners, from Hungarian partners’ point of view, the EU structural funds represent a form of European solidarity, being important to access EU grants at all levels, SME s, NGO s and local public authorities.

 The last day of the event, 09.09.2018 was dedicated to available mechanisms for EU citizens in participation on the EU decision making process. During this day partners presented for each other public consultation opportunities and methods, guides to EU institutions and the possibilities given by working groups and strategic partnerships.

Near debates and seminars Community involvement activities as „Needs Assesment” information collecting point and "Community Visioning Process" were organized.

Also cultural activities were organized to participants, the most famous being the gastronomical contest between participants.


Impresszió kulturális napok Csíkrákoson

A Bogátalji Mozgalom Csíkrákos és Göröcsfalava egyesület sikeresen pályázott a Hargita Megye Tanácsának 2022-es "Kulturális programok támogatása" kiírásán.
Az egyesület számára megítélt összegből az Impresszió kulturális napok programjainak költségeit fedeztük.
A pályázathoz szükséges önrészt az egyesület saját forrásból biztosította.

2022. szeptember 19. Tovább ►

Tűzoltó védőruhák és népviseletek átadása

A Hargita Megye Tanácsa által támogatott, az önkéntes tűzoltók számára vásárolt védőfelszerelések, valamint a Csalogány néptánccsoport számára vásárolt népviseletek átadására került sor, folyó év augusztus 4-én, 9.00 órai kezdettel a csíkrákosi kultúrotthonban.
A rendezvényen részt vett Borboly Csaba, Hargita Megye Tanácsának elnöke is.
2022. augusztus 04. Tovább ►
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